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Well, it looks like we are going to be in our homes for a while and if, like me, you’d like to occasionally operate with less fretting/tensing, I have some options. I want to keep the Alexander Technique flowing and bring this profound practice right up against the stress and uncertainty of the situation. There’s nothing wrong with breathing and opening our posture, lengthening the spine to our full stature and not collapsing right down into one’s newsfeed.

To that end, starting this Friday I will begin offering short Alexander or meditation sessions via Zoom. Some of us have lots of time now and some of us have very little. Either way, I’m keeping these sessions to about 30 minutes to make them potent but schedulable.

I’ve been teaching meditation via Zoom for years and I have AT colleagues who have taught via video for a long while as well. Let it be said that for the first phase of FM Alexander’s teaching, he did it all through observation and verbal guidance — no hands.

In these sessions (which can be longer if that feels like a better option), I’ll guide you through the awareness and thinking processes of the Alexander Technique, or establish a meditation practice that’s relevant, doable, and a good fit for you.

You can schedule directly right . There’s a discount through the rest of March. Just type “MARCH” into the coupon code.

I’m also offering a free, short group class next Monday night at 8 PM, which is intended to bring focus and relaxation to what is an undeniably discombobulated moment. This class can be done sitting or lying down. The link will be up on my events page shortly (I’m scribbling this email during my youngest daughter’s naptime!).

Lastly, stay tuned to my or account for a guided lying down practice that I use regularly to recharge my batteries and let go of what I’m holding onto.
* See availability for one-on-one video sessions .
* Sign up for free Monday, March 23 group class (Link forthcoming on events page).

In health and support,

Originally published at on March 19, 2020.

Meditation + Alexander Technique teacher. Author of “Don’t Get Better,” forthcoming guide to sanity, humor, and wisdom during illness.

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