Group Workshops at My Westchester Studio (Less Than an Hour from Grand Central)

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Atop a hill on my property is a large two floor studio (shown above) Up until now, my kids have been smooshing play dough and pretending to be dogs in there. Starting this spring, however, I’m kicking them out! (Okay, just relocating them.) I will start hosting half-day retreats, workshops, and all-around meditation hoedowns in the studio. I’d love for you to come.

Here’s the details:

Topics: I would like to continue themes from Your Body Is Your Practice, my monthly series at The Interdependence Project.

– How can we work with the body as a cornerstone of our spiritual or mindfulness practice?

– How can we improve our bodies and decrease pain without driving ourselves batshit crazy?

– The body as a gateway to compassion, presence, and stability.

Date/Time: I would hold these programs on a weekend, for about three hours plus a meal or prepared snack and tea. A nature walk could be scheduled if participants are interested. Please share (by directly responding to this email) with your preferred times: Saturday or Sunday? AM or PM? (This is absolutely nonbinding.)

Transportation: My studio is in Croton on Hudson, 30 miles north of Manhattan, and very convenient to the Croton-Harmon Metro-North station, which is about 50 minutes from Grand Central.

Cost: Less than $50, with a large discount if you bring a friend.

If interested, please reply back and let me know your weekend day/time preferences and if you have any specific topics, which I mentioned or not, that you would like to explore. Your interest or feedback is non-binding, but as I begin offering programs and retreats in this new setting, I want to create something that speaks to your needs and also fits in with your schedule. A few workshops are listed below.

From my future retreat facility :-),


1) Training the Body for Meditation– Learn how to help the body find its natural, relaxed meditative posture as well as develop the needed muscle groups.

2) Pain without Struggle– Discover techniques to rewire your body’s instinctive response to pain. By not fighting against our pain, we discover a new territory of freedom and compassion.

3) Finding Your Spine– Establish a natural upright posture and reap the mental and emotional benefits that follow.

4) Stable Body, Flighty Mind– Classic approaches to rooting awareness in our body and the present moment.

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view from the studio

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