“Crip Time,” + Monday Night’s Focus & Relax

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I’ve been recently reading about “crip time”, a concept out of the Disability Rights movement that has wider application to this moment in which so much is out of our control: our freedom to work, to travel, to see friends and family, or purchase basic necessities. These are limitations that folks with disabilities contend with all the time. Will the elevator at the Union Square subway station be working today? Am I well enough to make it down the stairs of my apartment?

“Crip time” is a more elastic form of time which isn’t so linear or certain. As Ellen Samuels wrote in a beautiful, “We live our lives with a ‘flexible approach to normative time frames’ like work schedules, deadlines, or even just waking and sleeping.” There’s a sense of maybe baked into any prediction or promise.

To help us deal with the enormous maybe that is in all our futures, join tonight’s Focus & Relax , held every Monday night at 8 PM on Zoom.

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Originally published at https://www.dancayer.co on April 28, 2020.

Meditation + Alexander Technique teacher. Author of “Don’t Get Better,” forthcoming guide to sanity, humor, and wisdom during illness. dancayer.co

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